Post Office Money Loan and Its Conditions

Are you considering to take out a line of credit for the purchase of a new car, to make improvements on your home or property, pay off some old bills or clear out credit card debt, or make some other unusually large purchase? If you reside in the UK you might want to apply for a Post Office Money Loan (which is a credit broker for the Bank of Ireland UK – not the actual lender). Requirements of getting Post Office Money Personal Loan are in below:

Considering A Post Office Money Personal Loan
Amount: Min £1,000 – Max £25,000
Representative APR: from 3.4% p.a. (Interest rates). Please note that your personal rate will be depend on your personal circumstances. Max APR could be 29.9% p.a. It will be depend on the money you borrow and along with your credit score.
Loan Term: 12 months to 84 months
Decision: Instant decision in many cases

Example Calculation: If you decided to borrow £17,500 low interest loan, and planned on repaying it within a 5-year period, with a representative APR of 3.4%, your monthly payments would be £317.17 with a total repayment of £19,030.01.

Additional Information To Consider:
-Difference in APR will be reliant upon amount requested, term length, and credit history.
-You can apply for and even sign your signature to a Post Office Personal Loan from the comfort of your home.
-There is a 14 day grace period to change your mind after being accepted for personal loans
-You may pay off in full or part early at any time
-Post Office personal loans is obtainable even for individuals with who have had financial difficulties in the past
-Other services offered by Post Office include short term loans, credit cards, mortgages, savings accounts, and travel money

Would you like to know if you qualify before you take the actual time to apply for a loan or short term loans (which will take about 20 minutes in total – and done completely online) with Post Office? You can check your eligibility below:

You may call at 0800 169 2000 for general enquiries from Monday to Saturday.