FNB Personal Loan

In South Africa, FNB is the place to go for personal loans. There is no better time than now to get ahead. Here is a look at what customers need and how much borrowing money will cost them at FNB Bank.

Right now, the rate of lending at FNB is 13.00 % per year. At FNB applicants are allowed to apply for a loan in the amount of R1000 up to R300,000. Applicants can pick their terms anywhere from 1 month payback time to 60 months.

Let’s say a customer borrows R10,000 to be paid back in 36 months. Their payment would be approximately R400.80 a month. They would pay R4,428.49 in interest. Making the total pay back R14,428.97.

The things applicants need to apply for an FNB loan are to be between 18 and 24 years of age. Customer has to be a permanent SA resident. They need permanent employment. Their salary must be directly deposited into their FNB bank account. Applicants need a green-bar coded ID or a Smart Card ID. They have to have a recent pay slip.

Proof of residence no later than 3 months, 3 months of bank statements for non-FNB customers. If customers are self-employed they need 6 months of bank statements if they are non-FNB customer. Once they have all the requirements they can apply for a personal loan or a short term loans with FNB Bank South Africa.

The customer service is excellent at FNB bank. They can help customers with all their banking needs in South Africa. You may apply FNB personal loan opportunities via online banking directly 24/7, through FNB Banking application, ATM/Bank branches or calling on *120*321#.

FNB also offers Top-Up personal loan opportunities for exising loan customers. You may create additional funds up to R300,000 without any initiation fee. There is great option for someone who wants to get a payment break that starts in January!