Capitec Bank Personalised Loan

Applying for a loan at Capitec can help you reach your needed financial goals. Capitec will take all aspects of your financial situation into account making a decision based on your profile and the financial paperwork you provide. At Capitec, applying for online loan means your needed credit could be approved within minutes making the money you need available immediately.

Cash amounts: R1,000 up to R250,000
Representative APR: 12.9%
Terms of credit: 1 month upward to 84 months

Calculation example:
Credit amount of R25000 with a monthly repayment of 2491.7 over a loan term of 12 months at an interest rate between 14.20 — 27.40%. Total amount repayable is R29,900.4 at 14.20 interest rate. Additional fees of a once-off initiation fee of R1,207.5, a monthly service fee of R69.0 will also apply. There is also a credit premium fee of R5,49.

Savings and access to personal loans credit are key cornerstones to aid your financial journey and at Capitec Bank, your financial future is their primary concern. At Capitec, all aspects of your financial picture are taking into account when you’re seeking short term loans for important financial needs like a home remodel or buying a new vehicle.

How Capitec bank can help you reach your financial dreams? You’ll need to provide Capitec with relevant paperwork to support your financial credit application. Relevant paperwork includes: South African identification documents, Original proof of residential address, Latest salary pay slip, Stamped 3-month bank statement showing last 3 salary deposits.

Once you’ve been accepted for a personal line of credit, Capitec will discuss terms of your loan in order to confirm you understand your repayment schedule so you’ll easily be able to manage your repayments. At Capitec, you are more than just a number you a part of a thriving financial service seeking to provide the best financial services for their growing customer base. If you need a line of credit or another financial service, seek Capitec and work with the best. Capitec bank is one of the leading loan provider which helps customers to grow and save financially.

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